Why is LED desk lamp suitable for long-term use by students?

The eyes are the windows to the soul, we have to care for the eyes, and that starts with choosing a good lamp.

Many people are asking led desk lamp is good for the eyes?The LED desk lamp is suitable for students’ long-term use? Then, please come with the author to understand it.

I. Student desk lamp with what light source is good.

First of all, let’s understand the use of light when students study, in the student learning process not only need to open the room lights, but also to open the student desk lamp(ultra brite led desk lamp).

This can effectively reduce the adverse effects of the difference between light and dark on the eyes. The fluorescent light in the room is cold fluorescent with gray-blue tones,

this light will make the book text pattern lack of sharp outline sense, easy to cause the reader’s eyes fatigue, the time to read(z-bar led desk lamp).

It is easy to cause eye fatigue in the reader, and over time it is extremely easy to induce myopia or deepen the degree of myopia.

So far the light source on the market is divided into four kinds: incandescent, energy-saving lamps, fluorescent lamps, LED lights. Incandescent advantages: no strobe, high color rendering.

Disadvantages: heat generation. Table lamp as close-range lighting, due to the relatively close to the head, a long duration of use.

When using incandescent lamps as a light source, because its heat generation is too large, the most intuitive reaction is dry eyes, mind swelling

Energy-saving lamps advantages: more energy-efficient, longer life than incandescent lamps.

Disadvantages: the light source is unstable, color temperature is high, as close lighting easy to shake the eyes fluorescent lamps.

Although some businesses claim that their table lamps are trichromatic table lamps, the essence is the use of phosphor as a light-emitting medium, trichromatic is just a gimmick of business publicity, but.

And trichromatic due to the use of phosphor color miscellaneous, light is much worse than ordinary monochrome fluorescent lamps, so it is not recommended.

LED lights: LED lights due to their long life, green, light, and sunlight similar to be vigorously promoted by countries around the world,

some European and American countries have been fully popularized.

Qualified LED light line pure, high color rendering index, long life, and because of the nature of its light-emitting diode, must be powered by direct current to work.

This essentially determines its no radiation, no strobe, is a true sense of eye protection light source.

II. Why LED desk lamp on the visual damage is small.

The principle of energy-saving lamps is the high voltage, the ionization of the gas in the lamp,

electrons make the fluorescent material on the wall of the lamp light, but the frequency of 50HZ per second of alternating current.

But the frequency of 50HZ per second of alternating current will produce 100 times of 0 potential, and the fluorescent lamp will not emit light at 0 potential.

At this time, the strobe of fluorescent lamps is produced, although this strobe is very fast, so fast that the human eye can hardly notice, but still cause visual fatigue and discomfort.

The LED light source uses a light-emitting diode with a DC drive power supply, and the frequency of the DC drive signal is very high.

High to the point that we can not even notice, so compared to energy-saving lamps, LED light sources on the visual damage will be much smaller.

III. What kind of LED lights will be more suitable for children to use for a long time.

About 3000K color temperature light is yellow, so that people feel warmer, but visually feel that the brightness is not enough,

such color temperature is usually used to create the atmosphere, the room is used more, to show the light.

More used in the room, showing a warm feeling. The color temperature is around 4000K, similar to the color temperature of the sunlight around nine o’clock in the morning.

The light is yellowish, bright and does not feel harsh, with the appropriate brightness of the light will feel very comfortable.

The most suitable for the human eye to read the light color temperature is about 4000K, too high and too low will cause visual fatigue and damage;

Table lamp structure is simple and stable, if the structure is too complex or unstable may also cause unnecessary harm to the child’s body;

Beamtec desk lamp is 4000K, with eight levels of dimming function.

In summary, the LED desk lamp is suitable for long-term use, is a real student eye protection lamp.

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