What should I do if I can’t choose LED ceiling light?

The LED ceiling light is a new type of ceiling light designed ,and produced with high thermal conductivity aluminum alloy and patented structure technology.

Widely used in the field of commercial lighting, and the field of home lighting is gradually infiltrating LED ceiling lamps with different specifications that are suitable for use,

mainly depending on the user’s requirements for brightness, irradiation distance, installation width, etc.

At present, in the lighting market, there are many types of LED ceiling lamps. How can we buy satisfactory LED ceiling lamps?

We may start from the following aspects:

1. Look at the material quality LED ceiling lamp, the color rendering, and brightness of the light source, aluminum is generally our best choice.

2. Observe the stability of brightness. We introduce a very convenient way to check the light color of LED lights and flashlights,

that is after the lamp cup is turned on, put a piece of white paper on the top of the lamp cup. The 5cm position (due to the refraction of the lens, the white paper does not stick to the lamp cup) is of better quality,

and the color consistency of the LED lamp cup is better. And inferior LED light glasses are easy to produce in different light color gamuts. This method can be seen with the naked eye. Friends with conditions can try.

3. Look at the driving power of the lamp (transformer). The quality of the transformer also determines the service life of the entire lamp, the stability of the transformer,

and the lamp beads are used for more than 50,000 hours, no problem.

But if the transformer is unstable, it will not only affect our daily working life but also accelerate the life of the lamp.

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