What is the reason why the LED ceiling light keeps flickering?

LED light illumination degree is good, power-saving and light, to bring the home lighting gospel.

But its disadvantage is easy to damage. Usually, the number of LED lights arranged at home is more,

occasionally burned out one or two do not think(ceiling fan light flickers with led bulbs).

I think LED lights should be replaced in a timely manner, after all, the bulb strobe on the impact of vision health.

The following we commonly used LED ceiling lights, downlights, spotlights repair to explain specifically(ceiling fan light flickers with led bulbs).

one, the ceiling lamp spotlight suddenly broken, can not be illuminated.

Reason: the lamp bead wick is black, the quality of the lamp bead is not stable. Lamp beads burned, the current is too high.

Method: Replace the lamp beads in time, check whether the lamp board and the heat sink have thermal conductivity adhesive, whether the connection is intact.

Second, the light flickers frequently.

Reason: The driver is bad.
Method: Replace the lamp beads. If the SMD lamp beads, then change the lamp board, the situation is serious the whole lamp needs to be scrapped.

Third, the whole light does not light.

Reason: The driver’s light source is bad.
Method: 1, replace it. Purchase to consider the voltage range of the light source.
Remember to choose a good driver, the driver is the key to the lamps and lanterns, and then change all for nothing.

2, if the light source is not a problem, it is necessary to re-purchase the power supply for replacement.

Replacement of LED ceiling lights is actually not complicated, you can actually operate according to the above reference.

At the same time, the purchase must not be lost because of small, buy poor quality light source or power supply.

Choose a good quality product to be able to get twice the result with half the effort.

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