What is the LED ring light that the anchors are using?

Now the webcast is really getting hotter and hotter, and more and more people want to get involved.

Yesterday a friend who intends to do live asked me, he saw a lot of anchors are using a led ring lights, he asked what this light is for? Is there any other light that can replace it?

In order to figure this out, we first need to understand the difference in the effect of different light sources.

Pictures from left to right for the backlight, top light, bottom light effect (set a light 3d studio simulation effect)

First of all, in the backlight state is no light to illuminate the face.

And the top light and bottom light under the face are simply too weird, so these kinds of light we usually do not use when to live. So now there is left with the sidelight and front light.

And what is the effect of these two kinds of light? I will not say the conclusion, let’s look at a ball.

Image side light makes the ball look more three-dimensional

In the picture below there is a ball, now there is a sidelight hitting the right side of the ball. So the side of the ball facing the light is bright, while the backlit side of the ball is dark.

We can tell by this change in light and dark on the surface of the ball that it is a three-dimensional raised ball,

rather than a flat circle. Such a ball is actually equivalent to a small pimple on our face.

As soon as the light from the side hits us, we can immediately know, O, there is a bump on this smooth skin, which is a pimple. So this little blemish on our face is highlighted.

And what about the effect of the front light?


Frontal light flattens the blob

Let’s still look at the ball. When we hit the ball with light from the front, we can see that the ball is not so three-dimensional and is already very close to a flat circle.

Imagine if this is a small pimple on our face, then it is not smoothed out under the frontal light?

So we see the anchors in the live broadcast, the ring light is placed in front of the face, is to create this self-beauty effect of the frontal light well.

The picture from left to right is the effect of frontal point light source and frontal large area light source (set a light 3d studio simulation effect)

However, not all frontal light is good to use. If the frontal light source is a very small point light source,

then it will be in the forehead, the tip of the nose, and so on these places to form a patch of bright spots.

This can make the skin look strange and a bit plastic-like. Only when using a large frontal light source can produce an even light on the face.

To get this frontal large area light source, we have several options to choose from.

The first option is to use a large-area softbox or soft umbrella, reflective umbrella, etc.. But these devices are large, so they require a relatively large space to fit.

In the second option, we set a group of lights of the same intensity around the camera can also achieve the same effect.

Now there is a diameter of more than eighty centimeters of disc-shaped LED lights,

which can be used as the third option. These two programs do not necessarily have to be home to mine, but inevitably a lot of kryptonite.

The last option is to use the ring light, online casually a few hundred dollars can buy a ring light, and it’s small in size and easy to carry.

When shooting we put the camera or phone in the middle of the ring,

you can also shoot to form a beautiful ring around the pupil of the eye light. So this is why the led ring light is now very popular in the field of life.


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