What is the difference between LED tube and ordinary tube?

At present, there are many lights on the market, the most appearing LED tubes and ordinary white daylight lighting,

what is the difference, the following takes you to reveal.

Ordinary lamps are fluorescent lamps, the light-emitting principle and LED lamps are not the same.

Fluorescent light is a ballast energized an instantaneous generation of high voltage,
excites the internal discharge between the two pins of the lamp, and then excites the phosphor light.

LED light-emitting is the migration of electrons inside the semiconductor, producing light,

the light-emitting process does not produce heat. This is the reason why LED is called a cold light source.

LED lamps have high luminous efficiency and high brightness. Now on the market good LED fluorescent tube luminous efficiency can reach more than 130,

which is about twice the luminous efficiency of fluorescent lamps.

That is to say, 18W LED fluorescent lamps can be used as 36W fluorescent lamps.

And from the actual lighting effect, 130lm / W of 18W LED lights, can be 48W of fluorescent lamps.

LED lamp life is long. LED life can reach more than 50000 hours (without power supply),

fluorescent tube (without power supply) life is 10000-20000 hours.

LED lighting features

1. Environmental protection lamps, protect the earth traditional fluorescent lamps contain a lot of mercury vapor, if broken mercury vapor will volatilize into the atmosphere.

LED fluorescent lamps are recognized as the green lighting of the 21st century.

2. Efficient conversion, reduces heat. Traditional lamps and lanterns

will produce a lot of heat, while the LED lamps and lanterns are all converted into light energy,

which will not cause energy waste. And for documents, clothing will not produce the fading phenomenon.

3. Soft light, protect your eyes. Traditional fluorescent lamps use alternating current, so every second will produce 100-120 times the strobe.

LED lamps and lanterns are the direct conversion of alternating current into direct current, will not produce flicker phenomenon, to protect the eyes.

4. No ultraviolet light, no mosquitoes LED lamps and lanterns do not produce ultraviolet light, so it will not be like the traditional lamps and lanterns.

There are many mosquitoes around the light source. Indoor will become more clean and hygienic and tidy.

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