What is the correct way to use led desk lamps?

Recently many people have been incessantly consulting how much wattage is appropriate for led desk lamps,

and what is the correct use of led desk lamps? People have realized the importance of the wattage of the lamp, suitable for the eyes of the degree is good.

So many people who buy led desk lamps want to know these questions,

together with the understanding of how much wattage led desk lamps appropriate? led desk lamps the correct way to use them.

How much wattage led desk lamp is appropriate?

1.6 watts of light is enough. 1.6 watts will not be dark, a little larger or, you see the situation.

Students with 1.6 watts it, bright enough and energy-saving. 1.6 watts of good, bright, evening study with. A class bought a led desk lamp with 1.6 watts.

The correct use of the led desk lamp.

Any one of the desk lamps should be used correctly, so that there will be no safety problems,

but also to extend its service life, but many people simply do not know how to use the lamp correctly.

That is not only a waste of resources but also ruins our eyes, so we must learn how to use the lamp before we choose it, see the following methods.

1, desk lamp position: children reading and writing, desk lamp to the left front of the desk, so that the right-hand does not block the light.

2, lamp style: lamp style good choice of light that does not shine directly on children’s eyes ,and is fixed immobile.

3, desk lamp brightness: children under 12 years old are recommended to use 13 watts led eye lamps,

over 12 years old are recommended to use 21-25 watt bulbs, but also pay attention to the distance.

The 8-watt fluorescent lamp should be 50 cm from the desktop, 20 watts should be 100 cm away; the 15-watt incandescent lamp should be 30 cm from the desktop, 25 watts should be 50 cm away.

4, reduce the difference between light and dark: when children study not only to open the desk lamp,

but also to open the room lights, which can reduce the adverse effects of the difference between light and dark on the eyes.

5, orientation and brightness: we generally live in the room lights, most of them are hanging from the ceiling,

the lighting required for daily life available 40-watt fluorescent lamps or 60-watt bulbs, if you can make the left front of the desk has enough light, without desk lamps can also be.

6, the light bulb should be updated in a timely manner: desk lamps and room lights, to often keep clean, the light bulb with too long,

or the occurrence of flashing or lighting reduced, must be replaced in a timely manner to ensure adequate illumination.

The above is the introduction of how much wattage of led desk lamp is appropriate,

what is the correct use of a led desk lamp, we choose led desk lamp must choose the right wattage, I hope that the above summary for you can help you.

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