What is a led ring light?

1, led ring light tube

led ring lamp overall is a circular structure, round lamp ends respectively have a light-emitting filament, the inner wall of the lamp is coated with phosphor.

After the power is turned on, a trace of argon ,and thin mercury vapor inside the lamp will produce a conductive effect to emit ultraviolet light,

so that the phosphor produces a light-emitting phenomenon.

Led lights have many advantages, in energy-saving lighting, environmental protection and durable features are very prominent,

this led ring light tube is also used in some office buildings, shopping malls, factories, or home lighting.

2, led ring light how to install

Did home lead ring light failure, how to remove, replace, install it? The following is a brief description of the led ring light disassembly and installation steps for reference;

(1) any light installation and maintenance before you must remember to cut off the power.

(2) then led ring light shine together with the light as a whole to take down.

(3) led ring light tube is fixed by three metal fixing rings on the lampshade, pull off the metal fixing ring before splitting the light tube.

(4) the bottom of the lampshade generally has a good connection line, more ring good specifications of the same type of new lights,

directly into the connector of the connection line on the ring light tube can be.

(5) led ring light wiring is completed can be directly installed on the lampshade.

If you find after connecting the power led toroidal lamp replacement tube after the ring light still does not light,

maybe led toroidal lamp ballast problems, the replacement of the rectifier involves a wiring problem.

(1) single ballast wiring without distinction, that is, you can casually connect the zero line and fire line (fire line for white/red, zero lines for black)

(2) double ballast wiring is generally brown wire connected to the firewire, blue wire connected to the zero wire, the remaining two lines for the ground, direct ground wire on.

3, led ring light accessories

led ring light structure is relatively simple, there are mainly the following accessories.

(1) lamp holder, lampshade: the two with the use of the lamp holder is mainly fixed led ring light tube, the lampshade is mainly softened led light role, reduce the sense of blinding.

(2) ballast: mainly to play a current limiting role, operation with the glow starter with the instantaneous generation of high voltage, light up the lamp.

(3) ring-shaped lamp: mainly ring-shaped fluorescent tubes and ring-shaped 2d lamps. Fluorescent tubes and general incandescent tubes are similar, only in a round state; 2d ring-shaped lamp shape is flat.

(4) metal fixed ring: mainly to play a role in fixing the lamp.

4 led ring light size

There are many ring light sizes on the market, mainly T1, T2, T3.5, T4, T5, T6, T8, T10, T12, etc.

Where “T” indicates the diameter of the ring lamp, a “T” for 1/8 inch.

And so on, T1 said the lamp diameter of 3.175mm; T2 said the lamp diameter of 6.4mm; T8 said the lamp diameter of 25.4mm; T12 said the lamp diameter of 38.1mm.

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