What are the functions of the led night light?

What is the role of led night light?

1, the led night light can not only be in the night for everyone lighting, convenient for many friends in the night activities, and there are other roles.

Now many night lights can add essential oils, such as rose essential oil, lavender essential oil, etc., to help people relieve fatigue, but also has the effect of calming sleep.

2, some led night light can also add mosquito repellent aromatherapy, this night light is very suitable for infants, not only can repel mosquitoes, and non-toxic.

Afraid of the dark friends installed led night light will also be a lot of peace of mind,

the need to go to the toilet at night friends need to have a led night light at home, so it will also be convenient.

3, led night lights to have a long service life, compared with the general lighting, led night lights to have a very long life,

in general, most led night lights to have a service life of up to 50,000 hours or more.

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