The correct usage of LED tube light

With the development and progress of society, lighting products are constantly updated, but even so, the mainstream of the product categories has not changed much.

Take the lamp, has always been, as the main lighting category of the lamp, in so many years have passed, but also has not yet any alternatives to appear, still widely used in.

Home ceiling dark groove, roadside stall sign, factory warehouse roof, and other places.

However, the lamp products themselves, but has been a lot of changes, from the old fluorescent lamps, to energy-saving lamps, and then to today’s led lights.

Products have become more and more energy-efficient, and with the led lights in recent years,

a substantial price reduction, 36″ led tube light slowly began to replace the old traditional tube, which should be a good thing.

However, many people have misconceptions about the way led lamps are used.

“Why is my led lamp a bracket on the burned, and then the led tube light not working?”

As we all know, between the lamp and the bracket or grille plate, is inseparable.

Through the bracket at both ends of the lamp head copper piece ,

the two ends of the lamp thimble contact energized, make the lamp on the light, the reason is so, but not so simple.

For example, fluorescent lamps work as follows.

The use of high voltage or high-frequency electricity, in argon or neon gas to activate the mercury vapor, the formation of plasma, emit short-wave ultraviolet light, so that the phosphorus emits visible fluorescence to illuminate.

In order to activate the fluorescent lamp, the traditional bracket is generally equipped with ballast, there are two types of mainstream ballast.

One is the “electromagnetic induction” ballast (“inductive”), and the other is the “electronic inverter” ballast (“electronic”).

The principle of inductive lighting of fluorescent lamps is as follows.

When the ballast is not started, the mains voltage is almost entirely applied to the ballast L to charge it, and a high voltage of at least a thousand volts is generated.

When the ballast is activated, the high voltage stored in the inductor instantly shocks

the lamp head at both ends to activate the gas in the fluorescent tube, thus lighting the lamp.

The principle of electronically lit fluorescent lamps, on the other hand, is as follows.

The electronic ballast is equipped with a large number of electronic components, through which the mains power is effectively regulated

The electronic ballast is equipped with a large number of electronic components, through which the mains power supply is effectively regulated ,

the electrical frequency is increased to start the fluorescent lamp by high frequency instead of high voltage.

This high voltage and high frequency, for the original led lamp with its own power supply, are fatal.

The instantaneous voltage and electrical frequency shock

will make the led tube within the power supply electronic components to break, burn, and even trigger a serious line break.

This is why led lamps are installed in the bracket equipped

with inductive ballasts will explode and burn the main reason.

How is the correct way to use the led tube light?

The bracket used to install the led tube, which does not need to install any ballast! That is, we often say that the “empty shell” bracket is sufficient

Inside only need to access the firewire ,zero wire respectively to the bracket at both ends of the lamp, directly into the mains, the rest is the work of the led tube with its own power supply.

The power supply will automatically convert

the utility into a suitable voltage and frequency, and drive the chip in the led lamp beads to

To achieve the effect of lighting, and because of the effective conversion, can avoid consuming too much unnecessary power, thus playing the purpose of energy saving.

Therefore, for those who are ready to replace

the traditional lamps with led lamps, and do not intend to use the traditional lamps of the audience friends

What you have to do is to remove the ballast inside the bracket, and for the newly installed led lamp audience friends, buy the bracket, only need to buy the empty shell bracket.

However, for customers who still intend to use traditional fluorescent tubes, please remember to buy, or choose the lamp holder with a high-quality ballast Oh.

To replace the bracket or remove the ballast and other operations, it is recommended that a skilled electrician,

in a safe electrical situation, strongly discourage the independent disassembly, replacement of the ballast in the bracket in the case of power.

So, do not be foolish

LED tube light installed in the bracket with ballast

The correct use of LED tube light

Let your life become more energy-saving and environmentally friendly!

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