Led Light Strips

What is the LED strip?

The LED light strip is a special process in which the LED light is welded on a copper wire or a ribbon-shaped flexible circuit board, then connected to the lamp of the power source.

It is named after it is in the shape of a sunlight bar when it emits light.

The initial process is to solder the LED on the copper wire, then attack the PVC tube or use a kit to directly shape it. There are two types of round and flat.

The name is the same as the amount of copper wire. Therefore, the two strips are distinguished by the shape of the strip.

The line is called the second line, and the front is rounder and rounder, that is, the first two lines;

the word flat before the flat is two flat lines. Later, it was developed to use flexible circuit boards or FPC as a carrier to try.

Because of its simpler processing technology, easier standardization, longer service life, higher color, and brightness,

it gradually replaced the old processing technology, gradually became the trend because of the highest The light strips are generally welded with LEDs, so there are many so-called LED light strips, but the term light strips are too long and simplified.

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