Principle of LED ring light

The LED ring light is also commonly known as the light tube, fluorescent tube, its light source using LED as the luminous body,

generally used for general lighting. Here we learn about the LED ring light luminous principle and product characteristics.

one, LED ring light luminous principle

PN junction terminal voltage constitutes a certain potential barrier, when adding a forward bias voltage when the potential barrier falls, P and N areas of most carriers to each other diffusion.

As the electron mobility than the hole mobility is much larger, so there will be a large number of electrons to the P region diffusion, constituting a minority of the P region carrier injection.

These electrons and the valence band of the whole complex, complex energy obtained in the form of light energy released. This is the principle of PN junction luminescence.

Second, LED ring light product characteristics

1, high brightness and high color rendering, using multiple high brightness and high display 3528 SMD LED; choose high light-transmitting PC mask.

2, can do a variety of light colors: cold white, warm white, red, green, blue, yellow light.

3, the use of the low-voltage efficient constant-current driver, safe without strobe; instant on, no start time, to protect the eyes.

4, the use of a lightweight and good thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy heat dissipation shell, can be LED generated heat quickly exported to ensure the long life of the light.

5、Energy saving: more than 85% energy saving than tungsten lamp, more than 50% energy saving than traditional lamp.

6, environmental protection: no heavy metals and harmful gas pollution, materials can be recycled.

7, no UV and IR radiation.

8, strong weather resistance, insensitive to humidity, adapt to a wider range of temperatures.

9, light decay prediction: 35000h brightness still maintains 75% of the original.

10, service life of about 50,000 hours, 50 times more than tungsten light source.

Three, LED ring light application areas

1、Replacement of ordinary ring fluorescent tubes.

2、Hotel, guesthouse, household, commercial lighting, industrial lighting, etc.

3, Advertising lighting, backlight box.

4、Lighting of cars, trains, ships, and other vehicles.

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