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How to repair the broken LED light bar?

Abstract: LED strip light has been widely used in various lighting products, is the first choice of green lighting. But LED strips always have such and such

How to match the light strip?

Spotlights and light strips color matching skills Spotlights are generally fixtures that have a screw-in head and can be fitted directly with incandescent or CFL

Classification of LED tubes

Classification of LED tubes LED lamps that look like fluorescent tubes are becoming increasingly popular with customers. These LED tubes are similar to conventional fluorescent

Causes of damage to led tube light

1.led lamp to damage one of the reasons: poor quality lamp beads LED tube lamp beads are not good, the rest of the spare parts such

The advantages of high bay Led lights

LED is between electron and hole, by pressurizing, electron jump from one hole to another hole. And the other hole can withstand less energy, the

Advantages of LED ceiling light

The LED ceiling light is designed and produced with high thermal conductivity aluminum alloy and patented structure technology, and has been widely used in the

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