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LED LIGHTING Service Manual

SERVICE MANUAL LED LIGHTING VERTICAL ARM AWNINGS Read this manual before installing or servicing this product. Failure to follow the instructions and safety precautions in this manual can result in personal injury and/or cause the product to not operate properly. SPECIFICATIONS Mounting a) LED light strip is mounted in the roller tube. The power harness is concealed in the canopy hem.   Options: b)LEDlight strip is mounted at the awning  Requires special canopy with integrated strip holder   Length: Available for awnings 10′ – 21′ Power: Colors: Controls: Color LED: 2A 12Vdc RGB (with

LED PAR light 54x3W RGBW user`s manual

MULTI-PARCAN-54x3W-RGBW User’s Manual Thank you for using our LED PAR light 54x3W RGBW, for your safety, please read the user`s manual carefully before your operation. Note: This manual includes the important information of installation, operation, safety instruction. Please install and operate as requested in the manual, meanwhile, please keep the manual for any unexpected requirment Preface This Manual includes the important information of installation and operation. Please install and operate the light according to the instructions strictly. And it must be power off when open the light or before repair. Please read the complete contents of this manual(please keep this manual attach with the light for any preview) In order to make sure the correct and safety installation、operation and maintenance, well know and follow to the instructions of Manual is necessary. We will not take any responsibility to the light damage、property loss or body injure which caused by the incorrect installation、operation and maintenance.   Notice: The data which inside the Manual maybe changed due to continuous improvement, and we’ll

Composition and design of high bay lights

1. Application place •High bay lights are suitable for the lighting of large and spacious areas such as factories, power plants, steel mills, workshops, mines,

Best Under Cabinet Lights

under cabinet led lighting is what, I believe many people are not very clear, do not know what the role of cabinet lights, and cabinet

LED high bay light

High Bay Led Lights, also known as “high bay lights“, are lamps used in the production and operation areas of factories and mines. Industrial and

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