How to repair the broken LED light bar?

Abstract: LED strip light has been widely used in various lighting products, is the first choice of green lighting.
But LED strips always have such and such problems in the process of use.

So how to repair the LED strip is broken? What is the reason why the LED strip does not light up?

The following small introduction for you to the LED strip light problems caused by the analysis of the solution.

A LED strip is broken how to repair

When you go out, a little observation, you can see around a lot of LED strip lighting made by the landscape, which also reflects the widespread use of LED strip lighting.

If you are not familiar with the product or improper use, it may produce this or that problem. The following is an analysis of the causes of problems with the LED soft strips.

1, the phenomenon: the appearance of a word inside the bright and dark very evenly distributed one by one at intervals.

Reason: This is mainly LED soft strip placement spacing is too wide, while the thickness of the word is not enough and lead to.

Some can even see clearly through the plate inside the shadow of the LED soft strip, then you need to adjust the distance of the LED soft strip can be.

2, the phenomenon: luminous word in different light color distribution. There may be cold white light, warm white light, white light, it seems to be more dappled.

Reason: This is mainly a problem arising from the inconsistency of white light color as well as serious color differences.

Some customers need white LED soft light strip, but after installation will find that the color difference is more serious.

Therefore must not be greedy for cheap, to buy regular manufacturers of LED soft tape products,

so as to have quality assurance, otherwise, the light is not meticulous will easily lead to the above problems.

3, the phenomenon: LED soft strip made of luminous characters low brightness, looks very dim.

Reason: This is due to the purchase of LED soft strip light decay is too serious and the problem,

the quality of the LED soft strip may start with a very bright feeling, but three or five months past the light decay on the light.

But three or five months past the light decay will be particularly serious, the service life is greatly shortened.

4, the phenomenon: LED soft strip made of LED light-emitting word a stroke is not bright or a word is not bright.

Reason: This may be a power supply problem or advertising company installation left hidden problems caused by,

for example, the content off-line or a LED soft strip error may lead to the emergence of this phenomenon.

Only to find the right reason, the right remedy to solve the problem, more importantly, consumers in the purchase of LED soft tape products.

Must not just focus on price without looking at the quality, buy LED strip big brands of products not only quality assurance, and after-sales service is also more reassuring.

B, the LED strip does not light is what happened

1, transport damage

LED strip packaging protection is not perfect, resulting in damage to the lamp beads during transport by impact.

LED strip soldering points have a false welding phenomenon, the vibration during transportation caused by the solder joints off and lead to the strip is not bright.

2、Solder quality is not qualified

LED flexible strip solder amount is small, the solder joints are easy to fall off.

LED flexible strip solder quality is not good, LED flexible strip in the bending process, the solder joints are easy to produce brittle crack, fall off phenomenon

3、Installation damage

LED flexible strip installation bending angle is too large, resulting in LED flexible strip solder joints and copper foil separation and lead to not bright.

LED flexible strip installation over squeezes the product, resulting in LED flexible strip chip damage or deformation of the solder joints off and not bright.

LED flexible strip circuit board solder resist layer is too thick,

solder and circuit board can not be completely integrated together when soldering, which is also a false welding phenomenon.

LED flexible strip can not be twisted during installation, if twisted, it will cause the LED flexible strip solder joints off and lead to unlit.

Electrostatic burnout, because the LED is electrostatic-sensitive components, no good electrostatic protection measures, will lead to chip burnout.

C, the LED strip common failures repair

1, led lights do not light up

The strip that does not light up can generally be divided into two cases, one is the entire strip is not light up, and the other is only a cut that does not light up.

The former reason may be caused by the plug off the power failure, or that the connector socket is bad, check the plug firmly on the good or whether it is bad.

The second problem is more common, resulting in a variety of problems may be, one is damaged in the transportation process, such as welding head off or bad welding.

There may also be a kind of voltage causes led lights burned, this is very obvious, there will generally be burned traces, you can check carefully.

The solution is also relatively simple, cut off the power supply to cut off the section that does not light,

and then prepare a two-way interface plug into the two ends on the good.

2, led lights can not be switched

If it is a color change or changes the light of the light band encounter lighting can not be switched in a lot of cases,

this you first find the reason is the key to such a problem may be the cause of the regulator problems.

Carefully check to see if the interface is not a solid or bad regulator if the interface is a problem inserted firmly some can be, if the regulator is bad to buy a replacement.

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