How to match the light strip?

Spotlights and light strips color matching skills

Spotlights are generally fixtures that have a screw-in head and can be fitted directly with incandescent or CFL lamps.

Spotlight is a kind of lighting fixture embedded in the ceiling with downward light.

Its characteristic is that it can maintain the overall unity and perfection of architectural decoration,

and will not destroy the perfect unity of ceiling art because of the setting of lamps and lanterns.

This kind of hidden luminaire is embedded in the interior of the ceiling, the light is downward projection,

belongs to the direct light distribution. Different reflectors, lenses, louvers, and bulbs can be used to achieve different light effects.

Spotlights do not occupy space and can increase the soft atmosphere of the space.
If you want to create a warm feeling, you can try to install multiple spotlights to reduce the oppressive feeling of space.

The color of the light needs to be combined with the overall tone of the interior decoration,

the functional needs of each space, the interior space light, etc. to determine the wattage and color of the light.

With the surrounding environment to form an analogous color, complementary color match. Lighting can reflect the sense of temperature,

weight, space, distance, thus causing psychological and physical induction.

Home spotlights are generally used warm white, light out of a relatively soft, spotlights are a bit harsh white, prolonged gaze makes people dizzy.

Strip color matching

LED strip lights placed in different LED lamp beads constitute the corresponding light color,

according to the light color can be divided into red, yellow, blue, green, white, warm and color seven kinds of light color.

1. Blue light can be placed in the bar and other locations, the effect is fantastic and fresh,

the room as a whole after decorating a circle can also highlight the noble and cool home decor style.

2. Red-green light with the background to use, generally not recommended.
Color light needs to be used with the control, can be used for audio-visual room and other decorative.

3. White LED decorative effect is fresh and neat. Light color consistency is better, suitable for the simple decorative style.

4. Yellow LED effect of the main tone warm, but because the yellow LED bead’s luminous efficiency is not high,

the light effect is dark, so the light color is duller. Recommend the use of a multi-bead number.

Living room chandelier and light with

The main light in the living room uses a brighter white light, strip lights, spotlights using yellow light,

if you want other romantic effects, according to their favorite color, using blue or pink, purple, etc. to match.

You can choose white, light yellow, light pink, you can also choose white and light yellow two-color switch, too warm too cold color is not recommended,

of course, the owner has a preference, except for this thing, they look comfortable than what is strong.

It also depends on what the main color of the entire space is, so that you can use the appropriate color with,

if space is to use beige warm tones, the use of blue or purple to do the lighting effect is very ugly well.

Most families can use cool tones or other colors if they like to be modern or avant-garde, otherwise, they generally use yellow warm light to do the strip downlighting.

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