How to install led ceiling light?

The LED ceiling light is a ceiling light in the ceiling of high quality, due to the use of LED technology,

can be very good energy-saving power, while providing not bad light, then led ceiling light installation is simple?

Many consumers want to install their own ceiling lights, I will teach you the installation techniques of led ceiling lights.

First of all, we have to remove the lampshade, some lampshades are rotated to come down.

I introduced the three clasps stuck, as long as the clasps back to the wrench can take down the lampshade,

you will find that one end of the lamp has been black, and has not bright, it is time to replace.

It’s time to replace the first rectifier plug from the lamp, then break the fixed lamp spring to remove the lamp, and then take out the original good lamp.

Take out the original bought good lamp, with the main card spring card plug on the rectifier plug, and finally buckle the lampshade, open the test, light up.

Ceiling lamps are selected with the following points in mind.

Safety: the shade of the ceiling lamp should choose materials that are not easily damaged,

especially for families with children, littered toys sometimes hit the shade, so it is best not to choose a glass-covered ceiling lamp.

Light transmission: the material of the lampshade should be uniform, both to have a high light transmission.

and not to show the light-emitting lamp. Uneven material will affect the brightness of the lamp and is harmful to vision.

Some poor light transmission lampshades, although beautiful, but affect the light, should not be selected.

The quality of the lamp and rectifier is directly related to the life of the ceiling lamp.

Poor quality of the lamp is prone to blackening phenomenon, affecting the lighting effect of the lamp.

At present, the use of energy-saving lamps is more common, but when buying ‘buy must pay attention to energy-saving lamps and rectifiers are regular manufacturers.

Check the quality of the light source: any lamps and lanterns are composed of three parts: the lamp body, light source,

and electrical appliances, the most important of which is the light source, because it is the real light source for everyone.

Because it is the part that can really bring the lighting effect, the light body is a generally decorative and auxiliary light source,

electrical appliances are for the light source of stable light.

led round ceiling light because of the good power-saving lighting capacity, beautiful appearance and more and more consumers love,

the Chinese traditional aesthetic will also choose the traditional shape of rectangular.

A beautiful and atmospheric ceiling lamp also reflects the high taste of the person who chooses it,

so is the ceiling lamp very suitable for everyday use? The answer is also of course.

The installation of led ceiling lights living room lights is actually not complicated and can be done with everyday tools.

The beauty of the ceiling is largely dependent on the ceiling light, so the correct installation of a led ceiling light can not only provide energy-saving power-saving features.

but also decorate the ceiling, why not do it?

After reading this article, we have learned to install led ceiling lights. led ceiling lights are actually very simple to install. I hope this article can help you.

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