Do you know the correct way to use high bay lights?

According to the light source, high bay lights can be divided into traditional light source high bay lights (such as sodium lamp high bay lights, mercury lamp high bay lights, etc.) and LED high bay lights.

In order to meet the visual needs of different production operations and the needs of lighting installation conditions,

the reflector of the industrial and high bay lights should be able to produce various wide and narrow light distributions.

The surface is painted and glazed to make it appear white, and reflectors made of aluminum, glass mirrors, prism glass,

and other materials can obtain a wide light distribution, which is suitable for large-area, vertical, or nearly vertical workplaces.

For tall workshops and places with tall machine tools that require separate lighting,

reflectors made of materials with strong light control properties such as prism glass, mirror glass, and polished aluminum can be used to obtain a narrow beam distribution.

In order to work long-term and reliably in places with poor environmental conditions

such as dust and humidity, high bay lights have special requirements in terms of structural design, housing, and reflectors.

Closed lamps or convection lamps with upward luminous flux should be

used in dusty environments; the airtightness of the enclosure and the surface treatment of reflectors should be paid attention to in humid environments;

Generally, open-type lamps are commonly used indoors, using enamel surface reflectors, aluminum reflectors with a thick aluminum oxide film on the surface, or aluminum reflectors coated with silica protective film;

Taking into account the inevitable vibration in the production site, the fixed light source should adopt the anti-loosing lamp holder, and so on.

There are many ways to fix high bay lights. General lighting has the form of the ceiling, embedded, hoisting (using straight pipe or chain), and suction wall.

Movable local illuminators are equipped with corresponding hooks, handles, clamp feet, etc.; fixed local illuminators are generally firmly locked on the working machine with screws or fixed structures.

General lighting lamps are usually evenly arranged above or on the sidewalls of the worksite to illuminate the entire work surface.

It is necessary to use high-power incandescent lamps, tungsten halogen lamps, high-intensity gas discharge lamps, or a large number of fluorescent lamps.

Of course, there is more energy-saving high-power LED high bay lights, etc. Most of the high bay lights fall into this category. General lighting has higher requirements for the distribution of light,

Two types of light distribution, direct illumination type, and semi-direct illumination type, are widely used,

especially the latter. In the semi-direct lighting type, a part of the upward light illuminates the ceiling, which can increase the brightness of the ceiling and create a more comfortable and brighter environment.

With a reasonable radiator design, the weight of the industrial and mining lamps is greatly reduced,

the overall weight of the 80W LED industrial and mining lamps are reduced to below 4KG, and the heat dissipation problem of the 80-300W LED industrial and high bay lamps can be well solved.

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