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under cabinet led lighting is what, I believe many people are not very clear, do not know what the role of cabinet lights,

and cabinet lights are in the installation of the word ah which position, let alone want to go to install, in fact, the kitchen cabinets if the area is too large, then easy to block the main kitchen lighting,

so that some of the kitchens such as the location of the bottom of the cabinet will appear lighting blind so that it is not easy to cut vegetables and other operations, then

at this time you need to install under cabinet led lighting with downlight lights, the following say how to install the under cabinet led lighting.

Cabinet light types, how to install the cabinet led under cabinet lights? Cabinet lights with downlight installation location

A, what is the under cabinet led lighting

wireless under cabinet lighting and lanterns for short originated in the 1980s. Cabinet lights are mainly used for cabinet local lighting and decoration, there are five major types,

respectively, for the cabinet lighting, operating countertops, and sink lighting with hanging cabinet lights, laminate lights, drawer lighting, floor cabinet lighting. Cabinet lights after years of development have been developed from the original simple quartz lamp (spotlight) to today,

has been achieved in each part of the cabinet have special lighting fixtures. At the same time also by the original halogen light source, the development of fluorescent light source,

and then into today’s LED light source, to truly meet to safety, energy saving, environmental protection needs.

Second, the type of cabinet lights

1. Hanging cabinet lights

Hanging cabinet bottom light for countertop and sink location lighting, mainly auxiliary cabinet operating table because of the main lighting light

as complimentary local lighting, some hanging cabinet bottom light also has a certain decorative effect. The kitchen can create a relaxed space atmosphere through lighting design, soothing mood.

2. Drawer lighting, floor lighting

Drawer lighting, floor cabinet lighting for cabinet lighting usually with infrared sensor switch, playing cabinet doors or drawers will be induction automatic light, the main auxiliary cabinet lighting.

3. under cabinet led lighting

under cabinet led lighting is mainly used for local lighting in the hanging cabinet. General kitchen lighting is installed in the kitchen above the light from the top down,

so the cabinet light will be blocked by the cabinet board caused by a lack of light, cabinet lighting can take care of such details of life, with infrared sensor switch cabinet lighting can add a few fashion technology for the cabinet.

4. Laminate lights

This type of light is mainly used to decorate and beautify the space, properly designed, or can add a few tastes of life for the owner.

Third, the wireless under cabinet lighting with downlight installation location

The installation location of the cabinet lights is very important, you can install the lamps in the uppermost cabinet low point to reduce the shadow of work.

Straight incandescent or fluorescent lamps should be installed in the front part toward the cabinet. This way, some of the light from the lamp will be directed toward the backsplash and then reflected onto the worktop and then into the center of the entire kitchen.

Lighting fixtures can also be installed above the cabinets for indirect lightings, such as small spotlights that shine on the upper part of the cabinets, not only without glare but also for easy access to objects.

The lighting system in the kitchen should be set up to be adjustable, i.e., when the light feels dim or harsh, it can be adjusted,

and people will feel more comfortable and at ease. The color temperature of the lights should be consistent with the atmosphere of the room, or at least similar to the color temperature of the rest of the room.

Do not only install a separate lighting source in the center of the kitchen, in order to kitchen lighting more perfect,

should be installed in the kitchen by a multi-level lighting system consisting of different lamps and light sources.

Fourth, the cabinet led under cabinet light installation method

Cabinet light installation needs to pay attention to is that, in the pre-plumbing transformation before the cabinet designer first door measurement, you need to tell the designer to add lights,

designers in the design of the cabinet and plumbing, will take into account the placement of the lights, set aside in advance light line. General light line in advance reserved in the back of the cabinet backsplash, so that in the appearance of not see any pipeline alignment, more beautiful.

1. In front of the sensor do not have an obstacle affecting its induction or has been moving the heat source objects;

2. Ask an electrician or a person with relevant experience to install it;

3. Do not touch the induction lens with sharp hard objects or rough pollutants; the induction switch should be installed at a distance of more than 50cm from the lamp, and avoid the light source shining directly on the inductor.

4. will be fixed with wood screws on non-combustible objects; avoid installation in the heat source objects above, direct sunlight, airflow, and temperature changes significantly in the region;

5. Install wireless under cabinet lighting before the power is cut off, do not install with electricity;

6. To ensure maximum detection range, ceiling installation height: 2.5-3m, wall installation height: 1.8-2m;

So, in the decision to install cabinets to decide whether to install cabinet lights, because in the early stage of the renovation of plumbing and electrical installation should do a good job of cabinet lights installed power supply and wire layout, and then after the installation of the cabinet can do the installation of cabinet lights

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