4 uses of LED ring lights

In the portrait photography world, there is a very popular class of equipment, it is the led ring light.


Its use is simple: place the light directly in front of the subject, and the camera in the middle of the light ring to shoot.

This produces photos that are often evenly exposed with few shadows, and is popular among photographers.


In addition, ring lights can also create a special shape of circular eye light – this will certainly make the eyes look better, especially when shooting headshots and close-ups of the face.


However, the use of ring lights can not only end here. These special sizes and shapes of lights,

compared to ordinary photography lights, there are many “other uses” – although it may not be what it was designed for, but just as good.

1. as a “general” main light source

The LED  ring light can certainly be placed in front of the subject to provide “uniform and dead-end” lighting,

but can also be placed in other locations, as a “normal” photography light to use – and, the effect is good.

Because it’s “hollow,” you have to put it a little farther away and increase the brightness, and tilt the light panel toward the subject.


You can also use other objects to shade the body of the light to control its lighting area, or to add shadow effects.


The special structure of the ring light makes it a “self-contained softbox” light source.

Perhaps when using it requires you to do more parameter tuning (brightness, position, angle, etc.), but its lighting effect, is better than the “ordinary” photography lights.


2. as a fill light source

In addition to acting like a “normal” main light, ring light can also be used as a fill light source, and other photography lights, strobes, and other studio light source mixes.


Ring light as a fill light source, fill light effect is also very good.

Compared with “ordinary” fill light, the fill light effect of the ring light will be softer – similar to the effect of an ordinary light source loaded with a large softbox.

It is worth mentioning that the power of the ring light is often less than that of the flash, requiring you to adjust the power of the flash.


In addition, when you need to change the color temperature of the fill light, ring lights also tend to look relatively powerless – ordinary color filters can not meet the huge ring lights,

and itself comes with color temperature adjustment function of the ring lights are relatively few.

3. as a prop

Most LED ring lights do not get hot when they are powered on, so you can use them as props for portrait photography to make your photos more lively and interesting.

Let your model play around with the ring light and take some interesting photos. This will not only reap a few special photos,but also help liven up the atmosphere,

and reduce the model’s nervousness during the shoot, making it more helpful for the rest of the shoot.


Different sizes of ring lights, there are also different ways to play with props, develop your brain ~

4. as a composition tool

When the Led ring light is working, it is a high bright circle. It has a high attention span and is not unsightly, so it can be used as “material” for framed compositions.


You can also place it behind the model to create a circular ring of light. Trust me, this will make for an eye-catching and fun photo.

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